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Wuhan reports achievements in opening up

At present, 294 world’s top 500 companies are sited in Wuhan, and the number of which is expected to exceed 300 within this year, accoding to the achievements in opeing up briefed by a press conference held in Wuhan. 
The press conference said, Wuhan now ranks the forefront among the sub-provincial cities in China, with annual paid-in foreign investment breaking 8 billion U.S. dollars, 9 billion U.S. dollars and 10 billion U.S. dollars marks in a row.
Up to now, the foreign-invested enterprises in Wuhan have outnumbered 7,200, among which, the number of world’s top 500 companies has jumped to 294 by mid-September (data source: Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce) from less than 100 in 2012. Moreover, the number is even expected to break through 300 within this year.
In addition, the proportion of Wuhan’s investment in the countries along the “Belt and Road” has jumped to 55 percent from 14 percent in 2013. Projects made by Wuhan have become a new brand card of China in the "Belt and Road" countries.
In terms of foreign trade, the imports and exports continue to expand in scale and the structure  is continuously optimized; the exports of private enterprises account for more than half of the city's total; the export market has access to most countries and regions in the world; the scale of service trade of the city ranks first in central China .
Wuhan has been actively building itself a comprehensive hub integrating ports, railways and airport for opening up. In particular, the Tianhe International Airport has opened 62 international and regional air lines, topping all cities in central China.
With the approval of Wuhan East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Area, Wuhan New Port and Airport Comprehensive Bonded Area and Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone Comprehensive Bonded Area, Wuhan has become the second sub-provincial city with three comprehensive bonded areas in China.
The city has been pushing forward the construction of an international exchange center steadily. Many international events and exhibitions, including the First Tourism Ministers’ Meeting of SCO Member States, Great Rivers Forum, Wuhan Marathon, World Health Expo, have been held in the city successfully.
Now, Wuhan has established sister-city relationship with 112 cities of 57 countries all over the world, and the incomplete statistics show that there are 16,700 foreigners living in the city. 

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