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Organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers

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As the modernization of agriculture is getting higher and higher, organic food is getting more and more attention.What follows to take seriously is ecological agriculture.Because only ecological agriculture can produce ecological food.In this regard, whether from the strength of policy support, or in the actual action, everyone has invested a lot of support.The widespread use of organic fertilizers as we now know them is a good illustration.It can be said that organic fertilizers will gradually replace other fertilizers and become a necessary fertilizer for the growth of crops.The company has three major types of organic fertilizer products, hundreds of special formula organic fertilizer.The products cover fruit and vegetable, economic forest, animal husbandry and flower planting.Company is relying on the abundant technical research and development ability, and the planting base of Chinese herbal medicine good cooperation as the foundation, are actively preparing the national and global special organic fertilizer series of Chinese herbal medicine.
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